Amanda Penrose Hart – Paintings

  • Un bel dì vedremo

    Amanda Penrose Hart - Paintings
    1 October - 26 October 2019
  • Inside/outside

    John Bokor - Paintings, Rachel Ellis, Andrew Christofides, Tom Carment - Paintings, Jumaadi - Works on Paper, Jumaadi - Paintings and Mixed Media, Amanda Penrose Hart - Paintings, Peter O'Doherty, Euan Macleod, Lucy Culliton, Lucy Culliton – Works on Paper, Rachel Milne, Harrie Fasher, Jenny Sages, Ross Laurie - Paintings, Joanna Logue, Wendy Sharpe - Paintings, Luke Sciberras - Paintings, Idris Murphy - Paintings, Adriane Strampp, Robert Hirschmann, Telly Tu'u, Martin King, Elisabeth Cummings - Paintings, James Jones, John Peart, Leo Robba, Paul Ferman, Myfanwy Gullifer, Louise Kerr
    29 January - 16 February 2019
  • 100 years on

    Amanda Penrose Hart - Paintings, Harrie Fasher, Euan Macleod, Peter O'Doherty, Paul Ferman, Elisabeth Cummings - Paintings, Ross Laurie - Works on Paper, Leo Robba, Luke Sciberras - Paintings, Idris Murphy - Paintings, Wendy Sharpe - Paintings, Wendy Sharpe - Works on Paper
    22 December - 29 January 2019
    100 years on
  • Amanda Penrose Hart – High Tide

    Amanda Penrose Hart - Paintings
    12 September - 7 October 2017

    Full Colour Catalogue available with this exhibition.

    Penrose Hart Amanda 2017 Wellington NZ oil on canvas 2017
  • Amanda Penrose Hart ‘Coast’

    Amanda Penrose Hart - Paintings, Amanda Penrose Hart - Works on paper
    20 October - 14 November 2015

    ‘Coast’ is a new series of 30 paintings painted plein air around Sydney’s  Northern Beaches, Gallipoli, Bruny Island Tasmania and Waiheke Island NZ

    After recent trips to Gallipoli Amanda has produced a series of plein air paintings from the hills of Gallipoli Istanbul and the south of Turkey. She completed a residency on Bruny Island and a residency to Waiheke Island in 2014 these works are included in the show.

    Her Gallipoli paintings will travel to Pataka Museum Wellington NZ in November 2015 until Feb 2016

    The Gallipoli Project was sponsored by Winsor&Newton

    Gallipoli Catalogue available $20.00 + postage

    DVD available SYNC Pictures $25.00 + postage

    DVD available from SYNC Pictures of Amanda painting around the beaches of Sydney $20.00 + postage [filmed 2015]


    Amanda Penrose Hart Light house Bay Bruny
  • Gallipoli 5

    Amanda Penrose Hart - Paintings, Amanda Penrose Hart - Works on paper, Leo Robba, Peter O'Doherty, Elisabeth Cummings - Paintings, Idris Murphy - Paintings
    25 August - 19 September 2015

    In 2013 and 2014 two groups of painters travelled to Gallipoli to paint plein air. The project idea came from Robert Linnegar who has always had a fascination with WWl . He wanted painters to paint the land as it is now and compare Lambert and Nolan’s paintings of 100 years ago. The 5 King Street Gallery artists who travelled to Gallipoli include Elisabeth Cummings, Leo Robba, Peter O’Doherty, Amanda Penrose Hart and Idris Murphy.

    Sponsor Winsor & Newton

    DVD is available with the show $30.00 + postage

    Film by Bruce Inglis Sync Pictures 1 Hour in duration

    Your Friend the Enemy 88 page catalogue also available $20.00


    Elisabeth Cummings On the Turkish Coast [detail]
  • Amanda Penrose Hart – Acid Free

    Amanda Penrose Hart - Paintings, Amanda Penrose Hart - Works on paper
    10 June - 5 July 2014

    Acid free – works from the studio covering over 20 years. I’ve torn up drawing books and put them back into a little book! – works include drawings and paintings from old Brisbane days, Gallipoli, New York, New Zealand, Sofala, Hong Kong, portraits of friends incl. Roddy Meagher, Elisabeth Cummings, Peter Kingston, Judy Lane and others -drawings of pets, places and people.
    Full Colour Catalogue Available
    Text: James Compton
    Photography: M. Bradfield
    Design: S. Woods
    $10.00 + postage

    Penrose Hart Im trin to cook here 2013
  • Amanda Penrose Hart
    Manly: Somewhere on the Australian Coast

    Amanda Penrose Hart - Paintings
    11 June - 8 July 2013
    Manly Dam 137x214cm [detail]