Andrew Christofides

1946 Nicosia, Cyprus
1951 Arrived in Australia
Education & Employment
2003-2012 Head of Drawing, College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales
1990-1993 M.F.A., College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales, Sydney
1982-1988 Part time lecturer, St. George & Gymea TAFE, Sydney
1988-2012 Lecturer, College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales
1980-1981 Part time lecturer, Reading University, Canterbury College of Art & Bristol Polytechnic, England
1979-1980 Awarded Picker Fellowship in Fellowship, Kinston Polytechnic, London
1978-1979 Awarded Abbey Major Scholarship, British Academy, Rome
1975-1978 B.A. (Honours) Chelsea School of Art, London
1974-1975 Byam Shaw School of Drawing & Painting, London
1972-1973 Research Economist, Commonwealth Taxation Office, Canberra
1967-1971 B. Com (Econs), University of New South Wales, Sydney
Solo Exhibitions
2016-17 Andrew Christofides’ abstraction – from the collection, Maitland Regional Art Gallery
2016 New work, King Street Gallery on William, Sydney
2015 Abstraction x 3, Nancy Sever Gallery Canberra  ACT
Grid, structure, space, Charles Nodrum Gallery, Melbourne
2012 Relief constructions and works on paper, King Street Gallery on William
2010 New work, King Street Gallery on William
2009 Constructions, Charles Nodrum Gallery
2008 New work, King Street Gallery on William
2007 Andrew Christofides a survey 1982-2006, Wollongong City Gallery, Wollongong
2006 New work, King Street Gallery on Burton, Sydney
New work, Robert Steele Gallery, New York
2004 Odyssey, King Street Gallery on Burton
2003 New paintings, Robert Steele Gallery
2002 Works on pape,r Charles Nodrum Gallery
2001 New paintings & works on paper, king street gallery on burton
2000 New paintings & works on paper, Robert Steele Gallery
1999 New work, king street gallery on burton
Recent work, Robert Steele Gallery, Adelaide
1998 Charles Nodrum Gallery
1997 king street gallery on burton
Anima Gallery, Adelaide
1996 The Cut Gallery, London
1995 The Beatty Gallery, Sydney
Charles Nodrum Gallery
Solander Gallery, Canberra
1994 The Beatty Gallery
1992 Charles Nodrum Gallery
1989 The Painters Gallery, Sydney
1988 The Painters Gallery
1986 The Painters Gallery
1980 House Gallery, London
1979 British Academy, Rome
1978 Chelsea School of Art Gallery, London
Group Exhibitions [selected]
2019 Inside/Outside, King Street Gallery on William, Sydney
2017 Artist Profile Australasian Painters, Orange Regional Gallery, NSW
timeFRAME, Justin Arthouse Museum, Melbourne
2016/17 Visions of Utopia, Wollongong Art Gallery, NSW, Penrith Regional Gallery
2016 Cultural conversations, GalleryLVS, Seoul, Korea
Korean Cultural Centre Sydney
Collected ll, Wangaratta Art Gallery, Vic
Into abstraction, Macquarie University Art Gallery, Sydney
Quiddity, RMIT University Art Gallery, Melbourne
In the field, Macquarie University Art Gallery
Andrew Christofides’ abstraction: from the MRAG Collection, Maitland Regional Art Gallery, Maitland, NSW
2015 Little pictures and sculptures, Charles Nodrum Gallery, Melbourne
Grid: Matrix Module Myth, Langford Gallery 120, Melbourne
Summer exhibition, Nancy Sever Gallery, Canberra
2014 Abstraction 13, Charles Nodrum Gallery, Melbourne
Perceptions of space: Justin Collection, Glen Eira City Gallery, Melbourne
30th anniversary group show, Charles Nodrum Gallery
Dark, Stephen McLaughlan Gallery, Melbourne
The democracy of drawing airspace projects, Sydney
2013 Works on paper, Charles Nodrum Gallery
Last but not least, King Street Gallery on William
Artist’ Books, Limited Editions and Art Monographs from Australia, Kunst-Und
Factory 49 @ Stephen McLaughlan Gallery, Stephen McLaughlan Gallery, Melbourne
Works on paper, Charles Nodrum Gallery, Melbourne
Drawing now, Ivan Dougherty Gallery, Sydney
Abstraction 12, Charles Nodrum Gallery
2012 Works on paper, Charles Nodrum Gallery
Abstraction 11, Charles Nodrum Gallery
Square one, Wollongong City Gallery, NSW
THE BIG PICTURE, King Street Gallery on William
Melbourne Art Fair 2012, Charles Nodrum Gallery
Recent acquisitions, Wangaratta Art Gallery, Vic
Non objective present, Langford Gallery 120, Melbourne
2011 Field work: abstraction and the permanent collection, Bathurst Regional Art Gallery, NSW
Together in harmony, Korea Foundation Cultural centre, Seoul Korea
Abstraction 10, Charles Nodrum Gallery
Together in harmony, Korean and Australian Artists, BOM Gallery, Seoul Korea
Christmas show, King Street Gallery on William
2010 Last show of the year, King Street Gallery on William
Everything and nothing, King Street Gallery on William
Abstraction – form + content, Cowwarr Art Space Cowwarr, Vic
The catalano collection, Art Gallery of Ballarat, Ballarat, Vic
2009 Quiet, Stephen McGlaughlan Gallery, Melbourne
Little pictures, Charles Nodrum Gallery
2008 Compositions, King Street Gallery on William
Freestyle books artist cooks from the collection, NSW State Library, Sydney
Rubik- 54 works by 54 artists, Charles Nodrum Gallery
2007 To experience abstraction, Wollongong City Gallery, NSW
Five x Five, Ivan Dougherty Gallery, COFA, University of NSW, Sydney
Abstraction 6, Charles Nodrum Gallery
2006 Libris awards, The Artists Book Prize, Mackay Regional Gallery, Qld
2004 As we see it, Robert Steele Gallery, New York
Works on paper, Charles Nodrum Gallery
The affordable art fair Pier 92, Robert Steele Gallery
2003 Works on paper, Delmar Gallery, Sydney
The affordable art fair Pier 92, Robert Steele Gallery
Small wonders, Delmar Gallery
Placemark, COFA (College of Fine Art, now UNSW Art&Design) Gallery, Sydney
Redlands Westpack invitational exhibition, Mosman Regional Gallery, Sydney
2002 A silver lining & a new beginning, Ivan Dougherty Gallery
Contemporary Australian art, Charles Nodrum Gallery
Gallery artists, Robert Steele Gallery
Salon 2002, Abstract Painting (curated by Stephen Wickham), Stephen McLaughlan Gallery
Charles Nodrum at Studio 91B, Studio 91B Gallery, Adelaide
Pleasureland, New England Regional Art Museum, Armidale, NSW
A silver lining and a new beginning, Ivan Dougherty Gallery, Sydney
Summer group exhibition, Robert Steele Gallery
2001 Creative madness, Volvo Gallery, Sydney
Works on paper: Andrew Christofides with Melissa Richards & Jim Thalassoudis, Robert Steele Gallery
The last show of the year, king street gallery on burton
Less is more, Charles Nodrum Gallery
2000-2003 We are Australian, touring to numerous public venues throughout Australia
2000 Melbourne Art Fair 2000, Melbourne Exhibition Building, with King Street Gallery, Melbourne
Marking time, COFA Gallery
Gallery artists, Charles Nodrum Gallery
The last show of the year, king street gallery on burton
Gallery artists, Robert Steele Gallery
Silverpoint acrylic and oil on paper, Robert Steele Gallery, New York
1999 On the tiles, Sir Hermann Black Gallery, University of Sydney
Works on paper, Charles Nodrum Gallery
Shifting currents, Ivan Dougherty Gallery
Collage (curated by Jenny Zimmer), Smyrnios Gallery, Melbourne
Gallery artists on display, king street gallery on burton
1998-1999 The enduring tradition: drawings by nine contemporary artists, touring public institutions, Qld
1998 Optics, (curated by Nick Vickers) Sir Herman Black Gallery, University of Sydney
The niland collection, Penrith Regional & Lewers Bequest Gallery, Penrith, NSW
A fine line, king street gallery on burton
Sixth Australian Contemporary Art Fair, Melbourne Exhibition Building, with King Street Gallery
Five abstract artists, Robert Steele Gallery
Last show of the year, king street gallery on burton
1997 The cut group show, The Cut Gallery, London
Non-objective presence, Australian Galleries, Sydney & Melbourne
1996 Fifth Australian Contemporary Art Fair, Melbourne Exhibition Building
Gallery artists, Charles Nodrum Gallery
First nights, king street gallery on burton
1996-1997 Non-objective presence, Australian Galleries, Sydney & Melbourne
Gallery artists, king street gallery on burton
1996-1988 Flagging the republic, Sherman Galleries, Sydney (touring Regional Galleries NSW; Tas & Vic
The experience of abstraction touring to Wollongong City Gallery; Orange Regional Gallery; Newcastle Regional Art Gallery; Ivan Dougherty Gallery,
Gallery artists, The Cut Gallery, London
1995 London Contemporary Art Fair, Contemporary Art, London
Interlude, Ivan Dougherty Gallery
Past shelf life, (curated by Roger Taylor), Meridian Gallery, Melbourne
Iron side, Powerhouse Museum, Sydney
1994-1996 New prints-eight contemporary artists New England Regional Art Museum NSW; Penrith Regional Art Gallery NSW; Bathurst Regional Art Gallery NSW; Goulburn Regional Art Gallery NSW; Shepparton Regional Art Gallery Vic; Moree Plains Art Gallery NSW; Grafton Regional Art Gallery NSW; Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery Qld; Ipswich Regional Art Gallery Qld
1994-1995 Circle line & square-aspects of geometry touring Campbelltown Bicentennial City Art Gallery; Newcastle Regional Art Gallery; Albury Regional Art Gallery; New England Regional Art Museum
1994 Gallery artists, Charles Nodrum Gallery
Fourth Australian Contemporary Art Fair, Melbourne Exhibition Building
Gallery artists, The Beatty Gallery
1993-1994 Approaches to the sublime: the esoteric in painting, Ivan Dougherty Gallery; Ipswich Gallery, Brisbane
1993 New acquisitions, New England Regional Art Museum, Armidale, NSW
Virtu, Ivan Dougherty Gallery
Canberra Contemporary Art Fair, Ben Grady Gallery, Canberra
1992 Fidelity: 4 abstract artists, New England Regional Art Museum
Manu et Mente, Ivan Dougherty Gallery
Gallery artists, Charles Nodrum Gallery
Third Australian Contemporary Art Fair, Melbourne Exhibition Building
1991 Faber Castell Drawing Prize, Holdsworth Galleries, Sydney
25 years of screen prints, Larry Rawlings Studios, Melbourne
1990 New faces, Solander Gallery, Canberra
Second Australian Contemporary Art Fair, Melbourne Exhibition Building
1989 Packsaddle, New England Regional Art Museum
1988 Drawing show, 70 Arden Street Gallery, Melbourne
Gallery artists, Painters Gallery
Wyatt, Odgers & Christofides, Painters Gallery
Inaugural Australian Contemporary Art Fair, Melbourne Exhibition Building
Collectors starter Kit, D.C. Art, Sydney
1986 Pure abstraction, Painters Gallery and king street gallery on burton
1985 The subject of painting, (curated by Paul McGillick), Art Gallery of New South Wales
1984 Painters & sculptors, Painters Gallery
1980 Rome scholars 1970-80, South London Art Gallery, London, UK
Young British constructivists, House Gallery, London, UK
Canterbury College of Art, Canterbury, London, UK
1979 Rome scholars, British Academy, Rome, Italy
1978 Lubium Biennial Mantua, Italy
American University, Cairo, Egypt New Zealand Insurance, Sydney
Art Bank, Australia Philip Cox & Partners, Sydney
Art Gallery of Ballarat, Vic Phillip Institute, Melbourne
Art Gallery NSW, NSW Qantas Collection, Australia
Australian Library of Art, State Library of Queensland, Brisbane RMIT University, Vic
Axes Corporation, Tokyo, Japan Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery, Qld
Bathurst Regional Art Gallery, NSW University of Central Queensland
Ballarat Art Gallery, Vic University of New South Wales, Sydney
Bendigo Art Gallery, Bendigo, Vic Sydney University Union, Sydney
Campbelltown Bicentennial City Art Gallery The Rare Books Collection, Monash University, Melbourne
Department of Immigration, Canberra The State Library of Victoria, Melbourne
Macquarie University, NSW Wangaratta Art Gallery, Vic
Maitland Regional Art Gallery NSW Wollongong City Gallery, NSW 
New England Regional Art Museum, Armidale State Library of NSW
National Gallery of Australia, Canberra Queen Victoria Museum & Art Gallery Tas
The State Library of Queensland, Qld University of Melbourne St Mary’s and Newman College
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