Jenny Sages

Jenny Sages: Lest I forget by Zoya Patel – Art Almanac – online

Jenny Sages

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Busy Bodies by Ella Rubeli

Good Weekend Magazine – SHM 6 February 2016

‘A rising retirement age? Such change is of no concern to these energetic 80-somethings, who remain as work-focused as ever.’

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‘Paths to Portraiture’

ABC Arts – August, 2012

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A Retrospective of Chinese Archibald Finalists- John McDonald

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Sages Jenny 2015

National Portrait Gallery Magazine

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Sydney Morning Herald

Salon des Refuses and Jenny Sages by John McDonald

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salon des refuses & Jenny Sages - John McDonald







Look Magazine – Archibald Peoples Choice Award

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2012-Sages-Look Magazine-Article