Luke Sciberras

  • Luke Sciberras – Out There

    Luke Sciberras
    28 March - 22 April 2017
    Sciberras Rembrandt Hill oil on board
  • #celebrate – last show of the year

    John Firth-Smith, Lucy Culliton, Amanda Penrose Hart - Paintings, John Turier, Peter O'Doherty, Tom Carment - Paintings, Leo Robba, Salvatore Gerardi, Adriane Strampp, Joanna Logue, James Jones, Jenny Sages, John Edwards, Myfanwy Gullifer, Luke Sciberras, Amanda Penrose Hart - Works on Paper, Elisabeth Cummings - Works on Paper, Rachel Milne, Idris Murphy - Works on Paper, Marc Standing, John Bokor - Paintings, Ross Laurie, Louise Kerr, Andrew Christofides, Wendy Sharpe - Paintings, Martin King
    5 December - 11 December 2016

    Please join us for a group show to celebrate the close of 2016.

    All KSG artists and a few surprises all welcome.

    Happy Christmas and best wishes for the new year.

    John Firth-Smith Belay#2
  • Luke Sciberras – West of the Darling, Works on paper

    Luke Sciberras
    24 May - 18 June 2016

    For several years Luke Sciberras has beaten a regular path to outback nsw where the vast expanses of red earth and saltbush meet the long winding and struggling Darling River. Paintings and drawings gleaned here are the raw materials from which he extracts the painterly nuances that form his larger studio works that are gestated over months , between expeditions to the source .

    Whether it is the central desert of the Northern Territory , the north coast of NSW, the escarpments of Gallipoli or the white heat of the Australian outback Sciberras finds painterly adventure in the new and in the revisited .

    West of the Darling (works on paper) is Luke’s first exhibition with King Street Gallery, with a large-scale painting exhibition  scheduled for                                           April 2017.



    Luke Sciberras- Mount Murchison Wilcannia 4