Martin King

  • Unnatural history

    Martin King
    6 August - 31 August 2019
  • Abstract ’19’

    John Bartley, Andrew Christofides, Elisabeth Cummings - Paintings, Harrie Fasher, Robert Hirschmann, Martin King, Ross Laurie - Paintings, Idris Murphy - Paintings, Jenny Sages, Paul Selwood, John Peart
    16 April - 11 May 2019
  • Inside/outside

    John Bokor - Paintings, Rachel Ellis, Andrew Christofides, Tom Carment - Paintings, Jumaadi - Works on Paper, Jumaadi - Paintings and Mixed Media, Amanda Penrose Hart - Paintings, Peter O'Doherty, Euan Macleod, Lucy Culliton, Lucy Culliton – Works on Paper, Rachel Milne, Harrie Fasher, Jenny Sages, Ross Laurie - Paintings, Joanna Logue, Wendy Sharpe - Paintings, Luke Sciberras - Paintings, Idris Murphy - Paintings, Adriane Strampp, Robert Hirschmann, Telly Tu'u, Martin King, Elisabeth Cummings - Paintings, James Jones, John Peart, Leo Robba, Paul Ferman, Myfanwy Gullifer, Louise Kerr
    29 January - 16 February 2019
  • Martin King -hoodwinks and lyres

    Martin King
    15 August - 9 September 2017
    Martin King-ghost dance indigo
  • Group show – #celebrate

    John Turier, Peter O'Doherty, Tom Carment - Paintings, Leo Robba, Salvatore Gerardi, Adriane Strampp, Joanna Logue, Jenny Sages, Elisabeth Cummings - Works on Paper, Rachel Milne, Idris Murphy - Works on Paper, Marc Standing, John Bokor - Paintings, Ross Laurie - Paintings, Louise Kerr, Andrew Christofides, Wendy Sharpe - Paintings, Martin King
    5 December - 11 December 2016

    Please join us for a group show to celebrate the close of 2016.

    All KSG artists and a few surprises all welcome.

    Happy Christmas and best wishes for the new year.

    Ross Laurie -Moonie Beach VI
  • End of year exhibition 2015

    John Edwards, Wendy Sharpe - Paintings, Wendy Sharpe - Works on Paper, John Bokor - Paintings, Ross Laurie - Paintings, Joanna Logue, Andrew Christofides, Rachel Milne, Martin King, Adriane Strampp, Idris Murphy - Works on Paper, Tom Carment - Works on Paper, Richard Wastell, Jan King, Peter O'Doherty, Leo Robba
    1 December - 20 December 2015

    Idris Murphy, Jenny Sages, Wendy Sharpe, John Bokor, Leo Robba, Peter O’Doherty, Adriane Strampp, Rachel Milne, Elisabeth Cummings, Tom Carment, Ross Laurie, Richard Wastell, Martin King, Jan King, John Turier, Joanna Logue, Myfanwy Gullifer, Rachel Ellis, James Jones, Andrew Christofides, Paul Ferman, John Edwards and Louise Kerr

    Ross Laurie Jazz and Landscape I, Walcha
  • Martin King Dawn Survey #3

    Martin King
    28 July - 22 August 2015
    Martin King,-Dawn Survey
  • Martin King
    on the wing

    Martin King
    6 August - 31 August 2013

    “This exhibition on the wing was inspired by the engraving of Albrecht Durer Melencolia I created in 1514.  Rather than suggesting a precise idea of melancholy, Durer obscures the meaning. In my work the idea of melancholy is present in the monochromatic rendering of the work, the image of the bird as enigmatic or ambiguous, (specimen or living creature), the silhouette, signifying the shadow, uncertainty and the unknown co-existing with the familiar”.


    Martin King 2013

    Martin King Dawn Survey [detail]