Myfanwy Gullifer

  • Myfanwy Gullifer – Domestique

    Myfanwy Gullifer
    11 September - 6 October 2018
  • Myfanwy Gullifer: If you squeeze it enough

    Myfanwy Gullifer
    2 February - 27 February 2016

    Myfanwy Gullifer is a sculptor who operates only from her imagination – living the life of her two main characters – the busty blonde bombshell and LUCKY her ever faithful masked pooch.Theirs’ is a world of humour and pleasure in which we are allowed to join. Colourful, funny, sometimes tragic we become voyeurs and the gratification is all ours!

    Myfanwy uses Cool Ice Porcelain for its malleability, sensuality in the hand and for the way it allows colour to bounce. Myfanwy uses painting as a source of inspiration and these pieces both wall hung and free standing reflect this duality of sources in their attention to detail and painterly qualities.

    From Walcha NSW this is Myfanwy’s second show with King Street Gallery on William. The new work will be on view February 2nd until February 27th 2016.