Amanda Penrose Hart – Paintings

  • Amanda Penrose Hart paints in the field at Fowlers Gap

    Amanda Penrose Hart - Paintings
    Artist Amanda Penrose Hart works on several of her long boards, in a creek bed at Fowlers Gap, Far West NSW.
    Fowlers Gap
  • Salient – Contemporary artists at the Western Front

    Amanda Penrose Hart - Paintings, Harrie Fasher, Idris Murphy - Paintings, Luke Sciberras - Paintings, Paul Ferman, Wendy Sharpe - Paintings, Ross Laurie - Paintings
    A film by Maria Stoljar from 'Talking with Painters'. Salient, Contemporary artists at the Western Front is a travelling exhibition in NSW, 2018–2020.

    In 2017 twelve leading Australian artists visited the First World War battlefields of the Western Front, a century after the conflict that claimed so many lives.

    This exhibition brings together the works they created in response to the experience.

    For more information visit the website
  • Amanda Penrose Hart – Your Friend the Enemy

    Amanda Penrose Hart - Paintings, Amanda Penrose Hart - Works on Paper
    Amanda Penrose-Hart  travelled to Turkey, with a group of Australian and New Zealand artists to paint the landscape around ANZAC Beach and the Gallipoli peninsula 100 years after the Gallipoli campaign.
  • Your Friend The Enemy, Gallipoli

    Amanda Penrose Hart - Paintings, Leo Robba, Peter O'Doherty, Elisabeth Cummings - Paintings, Idris Murphy - Paintings
    Documentary film maker Bruce Inglis travelled to Gallipoli in 2014 with a group of Australian and New Zealand artists to document painting in the landscape and the human figure in the landscape. Full length DVD available through SYNC Pictures and King Street Gallery on William. $35.00 DVD plus postage. $20.00 Catalogue plus postage
  • Not The Way Home

    Elisabeth Cummings - Paintings, Amanda Penrose Hart - Paintings, Idris Murphy - Works on Paper, Ross Laurie - Paintings
    13 Australian artists on a 14 day arts laboratory in far west NSW, capturing the desert following drought breaking rain. In this first audio-slideshow 6 of the artists talk about their reaction to the landscape, and share their work. Featuring Elisabeth Cummings, Guy Warren, Amanda Penrose Hart, Euan Macleod, Ross Laurie and Idris Murphy. Produced by Sean O'Brien