King Street Gallery on William


Artist Interview | Jumaadi | Tales of Land & Sea | Bundanon 2024

MCA Collection Artist Studios – Jumaadi: On the shared history between Australian and Indonesia

Amanda Penrose Hart working the in the studio. Video Credit: Michael Bradfield, Roller Photography

Paul Selwood Installation at Government House, Sydney 2022

In January 2022, Paul Selwood installed two large sculptures for loan in the gardens of Government House Sydney.

Film by Riste Andrievski 2022

Artist Guy Warren is busier than ever at 100 years of age | ABC, Art Works, 2021

Elisabeth Cummings printing with Cicada Press, 2020

Amanda Penrose Hart ‘The Long View’

Amanda Penrose Hart talks with Sarah Engledow about her paintings in her exhibition ‘The long view’. Exhibition dates: 6– 31 July 2021, King Street Gallery on William
Film by Riste Andrievski 2021

Lucy Culliton, Elisabeth Cummings Idris Murphy & John Peart  |  Six Artists Seven Days

Martin King in the Studio

Martin King in his Melbourne based studio working on his latest series of work, Strangerlands 2020.

Your Friend the Enemy, 2018

Producer: Catherine Hunter. Camera & editing: Bruce Inglis

Euan Macleod talks with Maria Stoljar, 2017

Rachel Milne paints the Victoria Theatre, Newcastle, 2021

Film by Newcastle Art Gallery

Adriane Strampp interview with Richard Morecroft


Idris Murphy in his studio, 2019

Film by Sean O’Brien

Joanna Logue talks with Maria Stoljar, 2017


Ross Laurie paints at Fowlers Gap, 2015

Film by Sean O’Brien


Harrie Fasher, National Museum of Australia, 2015

Harrie Fasher describes creative process behind her steel rod sculpture ‘Silent Conversation’, which explores the relationship between horses and humans. The sculpture was on show in the National Museum of Australia exhibition ‘Spirited: Australia’s Horse Story’.


Artists Euan Macleod, Amanda Penrose Hart, Wendy Sharpe & historian Brad Manera in conversation with Maria Stoljar, 2017

Salient: Contemporary artists at the Western Front travelling exhibition 2018-2020



John Bokor talks with Maria Stoljar 2020

Elisabeth Cummings paints in Fowlers Gap, 2014

Lucy Culliton at her home in Bibbenluke, NSW, 2017
Film by Adam Drake, Tom Jenkins

Robert Hirschmann talks at MAMA, NSW, 2020

Rachel Ellis: Sustaining Light, 2018

(8 June – 5 August, 2018) exhibited at Bathurst Regional Art Gallery.

Producer: Catherine Hunter. Camera & editing: Bruce Inglis

Andrew Christofides in conversation with Paul McGillick 2013

Martin King Melencolia, 2014

Hand drawn animation by Martin King