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Tom Carment – AILA Festival Exhibition ‘Chthonic: Inhabiting the Underworld’ 9 – 22 October, 2023

October 5, 2023

Tom Carment’s work ‘Weed on John Taylor’s Grave, Adelaide West Tertrace Cemetery‘ will be featured in the AILA Festival Exhibition ‘Chthonic: Inhabiting the Underworld’.

The underground is often associated with anxiety and claustrophobia but there is also a modernist optimism in the exploration and revealing of sub-surface space and its potential, especially connected with the promises of transport infrastructure, other piped services, and tunnelling. The underground is also a term to describe alternative cultures or resistance movements.

Importantly, the exhibition will draw heavily on the Architecture Museum archive and include antique prints, South Australian maps of mining deposits and geology, and underground infrastructure of the city including footings, basements, and tunnels. Finally reports and pamphlets on various topics from cemeteries to salt damp!

These artifacts will be exhibited alongside contemporary works including installations by Dr. Urs Bette and Dr. Margit Brunier, ceramics by Lotte Schwerdtfeger, Phoebe Kretschmer and Dr Tanya Court, paintings by John Forbusier and drawing by Tom Carment, photos by Xu Tiantian and finally a digital presentation from Ass Prof. Josh Zeunert.

The opening of the show will be on Tuesday 10 October at 6.00pm at the SASA Gallery.

Exhibition Details:
The exhibition is open 9 – 22 October
10am – 4pm, Monday – Fridays
10am – 4pm Sunday

SASA Gallery – University of South Australia, City West Campus
Kaurna Building, Level 2, Fenn Pl, Adelaide SA 5000

Image: Tom Carment, ‘Weed on John Taylor’s Grave, Adelaide West Tertrace Cemetery‘, 2020, pencil on paper, 30 x 21cm