• Salient – Contemporary artists at the Western Front

    Amanda Penrose Hart - Paintings, Harrie Fasher, Idris Murphy - Paintings, Luke Sciberras - Paintings, Paul Ferman, Wendy Sharpe - Paintings, Ross Laurie - Paintings

    A film by Maria Stoljar from ‘Talking with Painters’.

    Salient, Contemporary artists at the Western Front is a travelling exhibition in NSW, 2018–2020.

    In 2017 twelve leading Australian artists visited the First World War battlefields of the Western Front, a century after the conflict that claimed so many lives.

    This exhibition brings together the works they created in response to the experience.

    For more information visit the website www.salientwesternfront.com
  • Lucy Culliton – Bibbenluke

    Lucy Culliton
  • Lucy Culliton talks with Maria Stoljar

    Lucy Culliton

    Maria Stoljar from ‘Talking with Painters’ interviews Lucy Culliton at her home in Bibenluke, NSW.

  • The Last Charge
    Bathurst Regional Art Gallery

    Harrie Fasher

    The Last Charge: A monumental sculpture by Harrie Fasher, in honour of the last charge of the Light Horse at the Battle of Beersheba on October 31, 1917.

    The Sculpture was first exhibited in Sculpture by the Sea 2017

    Producer: Catherine Hunter.   Videographer & Editor: Bruce Inglis

  • Guy Warren: Australia’s Oldest Painter

    Scott Bevan interviewing Guy Warren in his Leichardt studio, Sydney.

  • Idris Murphy – Two Thirds Sky

    Idris Murphy - Paintings

    Leading Australian landscape artist Idris Murphy in the film Two Thirds Sky – Artists in Desert Country.

    Two Thirds Sky reveals different ways of seeing the Australian desert. It follows the creative journeys of five contemporary artists – Indigenous and non-Indigenous – from blank canvas to finished painting. Each artist has a different relationship to the land they paint yet all are attempting to express their identity and sense of belonging through their work.

    The featured artists are Peter Sharp, Jenny Sages, Idris Murphy, Judy Watson, and Gloria Petyarre.

    Written and Directed by Sean O’Brien.

  • ABC The Mix, Hill End

    Luke Sciberras - Paintings, John Firth-Smith
    ABC The Mix Hill End Luke Sciberras and John Firth-Smith
  • Sculpture by the Sea
    Interview with Harrie Fasher 2014

    Harrie Fasher

    As part of the Bondi Artist interview for Sculpture by the Sea 2014. Harrie Fasher talks about the inspiration behind her work ‘Which Way’s Forward’

  • Silent Conversation
    National Museum of Australia

    Harrie Fasher

    Artist Harrie Fasher describes creative process behind her steel rod sculpture ‘Silent Conversation’, which explores the relationship between horses and humans. The sculpture was on show in the National Museum of Australia exhibition ‘Spirited: Australia’s Horse Story’.

  • Luke Sciberras – Your Friend the Enemy

    Luke Sciberras - Paintings

    Luke Sciberras travelled to Turkey, with a group of Australian and New Zealand artists to paint the landscape around ANZAC Beach and the Gallipoli peninsula 100 years after the Gallipoli campaign.

    Film made by Sync Pictures

  • Your Friend the Enemy, Gallipoli

    Idris Murphy - Works on Paper, Amanda Penrose Hart - Paintings, Elisabeth Cummings - Paintings, Luke Sciberras - Paintings, Idris Murphy - Paintings, Idris Murphy - Sculptures, Amanda Penrose Hart - Works on Paper, Elisabeth Cummings - Ceramics & Sculpture, Elisabeth Cummings - Limited Edition Prints, Elisabeth Cummings - Works on Paper

    An introduction to the Your Friend the Enemy full length documentary.  Your Friend the Enemy was aired on the Foxtel Arts on Anzac day 2016.

  • Amanda Penrose Hart – Your Friend the Enemy

    Amanda Penrose Hart - Paintings, Amanda Penrose Hart - Works on Paper

    Amanda Penrose-Hart  travelled to Turkey, with a group of Australian and New Zealand artists to paint the landscape around ANZAC Beach and the Gallipoli peninsula 100 years after the Gallipoli campaign.

  • Renew Newcastle presents Creative Talks // Rachel Milne 2014/11.

    Rachel Milne

    Rachel Milne, recently arrived from England and settled in Newcastle, is a full-time studio-based painter taking inspiration from every day life. ‘I fly in the face of the instant image by creating snapshots of my world, my bed, filthy kitchen and behind my shed, like a terribly slow Instagram account using oil paint and light.’ Milne’s creative work pulls the beauty out of the ordinary and celebrate what we

  • Tom Carment drawing urban Sydney

    Tom Carment - Paintings
  • Tom Carment painting

    Tom Carment - Paintings, Tom Carment - Works on Paper
  • Ross Laurie paints at Fowlers Gap

    Ross Laurie - Paintings

    Ross Laurie paints in the field at Fowlers Gap, in Far West NSW. The vast landscape and distant horizons gave Ross something very different to work with than the familiar rural landscape around his Walcha sheep property. In this video Ross sets up at the high point of the top tanks, looking west across the Barrier Ranges.   Film by Sean O’Brien

  • Victoria Hynes interviews Jenny Sages

    Jenny Sages

    Victoria Hynes interviews Jenny Sages at her Sydney studio

    Jenny Sages 2014
  • Melencolia Martin King

    Martin King

    Hand Drawn Animation by Martin King

    preview only. Full DVD running time 5 minutes

  • Elisabeth Cummings, Fowlers Gap 2012

    Elisabeth Cummings - Paintings

    Sean O’Brien makes a documentary on Elisabeth Cummings painting en Plein Air in Fowlers Gap in western NSW. A 12 day painting trip with Idris Murphy Ross Laurie Amanda Penrose Hart Guy Warren and others enabled the group to gather new tools and to reassess their relationship with nature through the intellectual and emotive act of drawing and painting. Sponsored by Winsor & Newton and APM see Issue 18


  • Leo Robba at the Everglades

    Leo Robba
  • Peter Pinson interviews Elisabeth Cummings

    Elisabeth Cummings - Paintings
    Elisabeth Cummings Interview
  • Perspectives on Picasso Wendy Sharpe

    Wendy Sharpe - Paintings

    Art Gallery of New South Wales: Artists Talk Series

  • Paths to Portraiture

    Jenny Sages

    Jenny Sages: Paths to Portraiture is a short film featuring interviews with Jenny Sages, her husband Jack Sages, author Helen Garner and National Portrait Gallery Historian, Sarah Engledow. Produced and directed by Catherine Hunter, this film provides insights into Jenny’s life, her inspirations and her approach to painting portraits.

    Duration: 17mins  This dvd is available for sale at the gallery.

    Jenny Sages
  • Slowly Disappearing Darling

    Martin King

    DVD’s available for sale $1100

  • Window 1 Joanna Logue

    Joanna Logue

    ‘Window’ is made from Joanna Logue’s  Essington  studio and describes her intimate surroundings and the landscape at Essington Park.  It is a medium that is both immediate and poetically powerful.  Video allows Joanna to capture observations particular to her world, without the technical encumbrances typical of the painting process.

    For Logue, recoring through video is a kind of visual diarizing which offers a key to understanding her relationshop to the landscape.  Moreover, it provides a visual language  she can then borrow to articulate the experience through painting.

  • Archibald Peoples Choice Award 2012

    Jenny Sages
  • SHAKIN’ John Turier

    John Turier
  • Paul McGillick interviews Andrew Christofides

    Andrew Christofides
    andrew christofides
  • Not The Way Home

    Elisabeth Cummings - Paintings, Amanda Penrose Hart - Paintings, Idris Murphy - Works on Paper, Ross Laurie - Paintings

    13 Australian artists on a 14 day arts laboratory in Far West NSW, capturing the desert following drought breaking rain. In this first audio-slideshow 6 of the artists talk about their reaction to the landscape, and share their work. Featuring Elisabeth Cummings, Guy Warren, Jennifer Keeler-Milne, Merron Esson, Euan Macleod, and Steve Lopes.

  • Wendy Sharpe
    One Plus One ABC TV 2016

    Wendy Sharpe - Paintings

    Jane Hutcheon sits down with Wendy Sharpe on One plus One ABC TV


  • Wendy Sharpe
    in Antarctica with the Mawson’s Huts Foundation

    Wendy Sharpe - Paintings

    Filmed and produced by Nick Roden