King Street Gallery on William

Wendy Sharpe – Finalist in the Naked and Nude Art Prize – Manning Regional Art Gallery – 2 September, 2023

July 25, 2023

2 September – Exhibition Official Opening and announcement of winner

15 October – Exhibition closes

King Street Gallery on William is pleased to announce that Wendy Sharpe has been selected as a finalist for the 2023 Naked & Nude Art Prize with her work Betty Grumble/ Emma Maye / Performance Artist, 2023.

“Naked & Nude refers to two things: firstly the great tradition of the Nude: a person who is bare with no covering or decoration. Secondly, a wider definition: something that is revealed, laid bare, unmasked or vulnerable”.

The biennial Naked & Nude Art Prize (previously the Manning Art Prize: Naked & Nude) commenced in 1990 with entries open to Australian artists. The Art Prize is a partnership between Friends of the Manning Regional Art Gallery and the Manning Regional Art Gallery. After 33 years, the Naked & Nude Art Prize has become a prestigious national event on the Australian Arts Calendar and is open to artists in a variety of mediums. The winning entry is acquired by the Friends and donated to the Manning Regional Art Gallery’s permanent collection.


Wendy Sharpe artist statement: 
I have painted her sitting relaxed confident without her pants and without shame! She is an intelligent , daring , and outrageous performance artist. Sometimes humorous, sometimes poignant. Her performances combine concepts such as feeling relaxed and positive about your own body, challenging gender stereotypes and reminding us of how miraculous the human body actually is. I decided to keep the painting bold and straight forward like its subject.

Image: Wendy Sharpe, Betty Grumble/Emma Maye Gibson/Performance Artist, 2023, 137 x 122cm, oil on linen. Photo courtesy: John Fotiadis