King Street Gallery on William

Shona Wilson

A Twist of Fate

November 27 - December 22 2012

We remember……………………………………

We had waited for aeons for the clouds to disperse and now orbiting the Once-Blue Planet we could clearly see the blank white canvas of the super continent Terra Ultima.

We were part of the team on the ‘MilkWay Corp’ research vessel Genesis, SkyJib and I. At only 2 decades old we were the youngest in a team sent to map life forms across the galaxy. Now was our chance to explore this past inhabited planet and catalogue what remained.

Our scanners began picking up data all over the surface. In the seas, which appeared a deep purple and interspersed with trailing multi-coloured patterns, from pole to pole and all over Terra Ultima itself.

It was time to descend…

On the surface, it was freezing cold. The white appearance of the landmass was ice; no sunlight had penetrated the cloud for millennia. We began to heat drill down to the earthy surface itself. Our scanners were bringing up fantastical images of what looked like ancient plant life, but our readings were not just vegetal, there was something else………..

We gingerly vacuumed up our first specimen and to our amazement found it was a hybrid polymer plant. It had the general shape of a plant but was synthesized, with plastic nodules, branchlets and roots of blue (see Exhibit “G”). SkyJib and I looked into each other’s rainbow-coloured iris, reading each other thought.

“Could this be the place where it all began?”- what a twist of fate!