King Street Gallery on William

Lucy Culliton

Cambalong Creek

19 April – 14 May 2022

Cambalong Creek spills and gurgles for 16 kilometres through the paddocks of Gunningrah, the sheep and cattle property owned and run by the Maslin family for 110 years in the Monaro region of NSW.

It is now the healthiest part of Gunningrah, thanks to Charlie’s adoption of regenerative farming techniques, including the “leaky weirs” he has constructed at various points along the creek.

Lucy Culliton has been painting the creek on Gunningrah for the last three years, setting up her easel in all weathers. She worked in roaring, dusty winds while the drought wore on. When it broke, she worked knee-high in fresh grass.

Elizabeth Fortescue 2022

This exhibition is the result of Lucy’s time at Cambalong Creek. It is a nod to the endearing friendship and mutual respect between two people with a love of the land and a desire to preserve this land for future generations.


Photography: Roller Photography