King Street Gallery on William

Rod McRae

Heart of the Matter

Nov 16 – Dec 11 2010

“The work of Sydney-based artist Rod McRae considers, to a certain extent, the same themes as Shelley’s tome. His work explores the impact of the advancement of human knowledge on the natural world, the effects of human activity on the destabilisation of natural hierarchies and the precarious notion of ‘the future’. The artist’s work draws attention to existence and consequence while also considering what it may be that fuels human need and feeds human satisfaction. While the impact of human activity on the natural world is undoubtedly problematic, it is indicative of one natural human compulsion: to maintain a beating heart. At all costs.

Sustaining life – keeping things alive, so to speak – is implicit in Rod McRae’s work. His practice is anchored by a playful engagement with taxonomy and taxidermy. For the artist, taxidermy is more than just a creative process – it is a symbol of the holding back of decay, failure and fatigue as well as a human attempt to tame the natural world. Through taxidermy, humans simulate a ‘new order’ that works against the very process of nature. It allows us to face our fears.”
– Excerpt from The Heart of the Matter, essay by Court Williams 2010.

Rod McRae was represented by King Street Gallery from 2010 until 2013.