King Street Gallery on William

John Bokor

Close to Home

31 March - 2 May 2015

The interior space is a world to which artists return again and again. As Donne tells us it can be everywhere and in the micro, there is a macro view of the world…

..In John Bokor’s drawings and paintings, the home is a space in
which the artist exists, lives and creates. I know these spaces, mostly around the northern suburbs of Wollongong. I never lived there but I know people who did. The artworks have a bucolic late-afternoon, late-summer feel to them. In the ‘North’ people are drawn to the drama of the landscape, sea in front mountains at back, but in this body of work, the landscape is mostly implied. The landscape exists out there away from the comforts of the home front – family, tea, dinner, reading the paper. There is beauty in these things and Bokor captures it. His spaces look well lived and well used, relaxed and comfortable, a place for a nap or gentle discussion….

After all who but an artist of insight would even notice these magical, prosaic sites monuments to the car, shopping and the distance between the backyard and town.

Excerpt from Glenn Barkley’s catalogue essay, 2015.