King Street Gallery on William

Elisabeth Cummings, Amanda Penrose Hart, Idris Murphy, Peter O'Doherty, Leo Robba, Jenny Sages, Wendy Sharpe, John Turier

Virtual Reality: Interpreting the Landscape – Newcastle University

11 July - 11 August 2012

For centuries we have painted, printed and photographed the landscape. It is an object of spiritual inspiration, a romantic interlude, a deadly trap, a secret place and a stairwell to other worlds. In the hands of an artist the landscape is a virtual reality—a vision inspired and created from an array of colour intentionally or haphazardly arising before them. Some see the landscape as a surrealistic amalgam weaving in and out of nature’s creations. Others feel the landscape and present an emotive, abstract version that can only be interpreted by the viewer on a personal, introspective level.
Many artists will deconstruct the landscape, reducing the image to colour and shape. Yet, all artists involved with the landscape will at one time or another paint en plein air settling for a period of time within the landscape they are portraying; reviewing, considering and re-cognising what lies around them. And, as each individual is informed by their own personal history and culture and therefore never truly sees the same as another, so too does this apply to the artist. Each artist approaches the landscape from their private world depicting their own virtual reality.

Randi Linnegar
Director, King Street Gallery on William

The University Gallery is delighted to partner with King Street Gallery on William in Sydney to show in Newcastle this group of eight artists who have brought to Australian art the very best of contemporary landscape practice. For 30 years, King Street Gallery has informed and delighted the Australian Art scene with exhibitions profiling many of our very best and most exciting artists, and the group assembled here reflects that tradition.

Gillean Shaw, Art Curator, the University Gallery