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Jenny Sages: National Portrait Gallery 2021

February 11, 2021

#FromTheArchive / National Portrait Gallery Instagram post 11 Feb, 2021.  

“For Jenny Sageskmddrawing her ideas is as natural as speaking.

Jenny created this portrait of Australian author, Helen Garner, in 200s; after having initially reached out to Helen because she admired her writing.
Although she has approached the author as a stranger, the two women soon formed a warm relationship.

These sketches of Helen record the house she and Jenny spent talking together in the studio atop the artist’s home in Sydney’s eastern suburbs.

The space is bright and eyrie, and although they are ‘preparatory’ works, these paintings are good examples of Jenny’s skill  at capturing the light of varying times of the day.”

Image: 1: True Stories – Helen Garner, 2003, by Jenny sages. Collection: National Portrait Gallery. © Jenny Sages.

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