King Street Gallery on William

Harrie Fasher

Landscape of the Soul

21 November - 16 December 2023

“Nature never betrayed a heart that loved her”  –Keats

“Reverberating with an energy that is at once bold and questioning, Landscape of the Soul holds the creative exploration and emotional resonance of the past three years.

Duality is ever present.  Strength lies beside vulnerability, weight beside suspension and the solid mass plays against the void.  Natural fibers, fingerprints and spontaneous decisions are caught in the longevity of bronze.

The bronze sculptures presented are cast in-house, by me and a small team I trained, in a foundry I built within my studio, ‘The Portland Foundry’.  The process mirrors the notion of duality; the playfulness in developing creative ideas and sculptures in direct contrast to the tough reality of casting production.  There is a small edition of these sculptures, but each remains unique, the edition variable.

A residency in Bhutan reconnected me to a lightness of being.  The land of the thunder dragon acknowledged my unwavering belief in the universe, laughed at my seriousness and reminded me of the importance of solitude and play in creative pursuit.”

– Harrie Fasher


Thank you

This work lies within a greater picture, one of community.
I am very grateful to be supported by an ever enthusiastic team…


Stephen Hogan
TC Overson
Annabel Mason
Nicole O’Regan
Christine MacMillan
Dave Doyle
Lindsey Johnson
Niki Martinago

Justin Morrisey
Penny Colley
Robert Hirschmann
Kim Fasher
Geoff Salmon
Silversalt photography
Kevin Spencer

Rich Evans
The Foundations Portland
Matt Still at Complete Industrial/ Still Engineering
Simon Hodgson, Joe Purtle, James Robertson

Paro College of Education, Bhutan
Dharma Industries Bhutan

Create NSW
Regional Arts NSW

The work made in Bhutan is the initial stages of a project under development for Orange Regional Art Gallery. The project is supported by the NSW Government through Create NSW and the Regional Arts Fund, administered by Regional Arts NSW.