King Street Gallery on William

John Bokor


22 May - 16 June 2018

“…anyone who lives day to day, year to year within one domestic space knows that home is not always a sanctuary or a retreat. Familiar spaces enclose secrets, dead dreams and boredom. No matter how much we clean, over time the furniture starts to sag and memories leak out. Nothing is actually safe as houses.

What appears solid can burn, break, disintegrate or simply melt from view with the force of habit and use.

And so, the subject of the interior endures, because its’ great tension is the coiled energy that nestles between what we make of a room and how we actually live in it. Artifice and expectation: that hopeful line between the real and the ideal is a trembling threshold. John Bokor paints that place with the colours of a carnival but the quiet eye of a playwright. Dwelling in the bloom of broad daylight long after dusk has fallen.”

Excerpt from Anna Johnson’s catalogue essay ‘In the living room’, May 2018.