King Street Gallery on William

Euan Macleod

Trans-Tasman Bubble

Online exhibition - until 14 September 2021

In May this year a trans-Tasman Bubble opened up allowing for travel to New Zealand. For the first time since Lockdown began in early 2020, I was able to finally see my elderly mother again.

We made it a family excursion travelling to both Queenstown and my mother’s home in Church Bay, Lyttelton Harbour – a beautiful spot just out of Christchurch. This area has been a huge part of my life which I’ve explored on foot and in paint for as long as I can remember. The enforced separation seems to make me more aware of the special connection I have to this part of the world and these paintings and drawings are an attempt to get that emotional bond onto paper.

Euan Macleod, August 2021