King Street Gallery on William

Tom Carment

The Long Way Round

24 October - 18 November 2023

This exhibition marks fifty years since I left art school, in late 1973. During those decades my approach has remained fairly constant – painting the things that interest me, from life, on a modest scale. ‘Long Way Round’ is a collection of landscapes done since September 2021. Over years of repeated visits and circuitous explorations, I like to get to know a handful of places well; but this exhibition also covers some new territory, in particular, the southern Flinders Ranges – the result of six camping trips to Hawker SA. Other subjects – mangroves at Mooney Mooney, Sydney jacarandas, the bush at Mount Victoria, houses in Carlton, a jetty on the Swan River in Perth – are all held together by my preoccupation with light and my personal associations with each place.

– Tom Carment, 2023